Payments from abroad


Hey everyone,

Sorry for the English topic, but my Dutch level is not that high to make it understandable.

So I have a ZZP for few years in Netherlands and recently I got some offers from few clients in a non-SEPA country. Thus, the bank transfers are quite expensive (20+ euros).

I've done some research, and I found out that TransferWise is a good solution for me. The problem is that my clients are quite old, thus they do not have any idea how to use this kind of platform.
So my questions are:
1. If a friend of mine from their city collects the money (cash) from them, then transfers them to my business account in Netherlands is all right?
(the strange thing is that the invoice will be written on the name of the client, but the payment will be received from another person)

2. If I will receive the money by bank transfer, should I give a receipt (kwitantie) besides the invoice? Basically the client gives cash to my friend, but I will receive the money in my bank account, which is a bit confusing to me.

I want to do it legally, so I do not want to accept these offers until everything is clear to me.

Thanks everyone.

I think as long as the transfer contains the invoice number you should be fine (out of own practice, NOT an expert!) I do know that SWIFT transactions (especially regular, higher amounts, from private persons) can get some extra scrutiny (also in combination with his cash deposits, which may lead to local scrutiny) which may hold up the transfer by 10+ days in some cases.

I have a client company I do consultancy for, based in the US. I send my invoices there, but their UK subsidiary pays the bill (to avoid high banking costs and because I invoice in Euros). I receive the payment from RBS bank in UK, but it references my invoice to US parent company. I don't think this is bad or can get me into trouble with Belastingdienst.